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Education Counseling Services

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HiElites,a Worry-Free Path to Your Dream School

  • Professional Multinational Team
  • Extensive College Admissions Consulting Experience
  • Coaching and Counseling services
  • Systematic One-Stop services

Study abroad?HiElites is here for you.

  • US Ivy League elite faculty leads you with their vast experiences.
  • Step-by-step coursework guidance and selective plans for extracurricular activities enables you to stand out.
  • Tailored to your demands, we help you choose the school and major that uncovers your full potential.
  • From polishing your resume to mock interviews, HiElites is professional, conscientious and all encompassing.

Elite Mentors from Elite Schools

The HiElites team has roots in the U.S., has leading technology, research and development skills from a variety of business and cultural backgrounds. Our mentors come from education, finance, media, real estate, and other various industries. The HiElites team has a deep understanding of the cultural differences between China and the U.S., as well as entrepreneurship and workplace experience. Our rich experience both at home and abroad enables us to ensure that we can meet our customers’ diverse and multi-faceted needs even across Eastern and Western cultures.
  • Dr. Smith

    HiElites Chief Educational Consultant

    Dr. Smith has profound background and practical experiences in counseling for both undergraduate and graduate school applications, as well as a wealth of educational and networking resources. Dr. Smith earned his Ph.D. from Stanford University, where he worked with scholars including Condoleeza Rice, the former United States Secretary of State. He taught at Stanford University and Notre Dame, and has been a leader in California and throughout the United States in admissions and enrollment for almost 25 years, serving as Associate Director of Admissions at Stanford University, Director of Admission at Notre Dame, Vice President for Enrollment at Menlo College, and Associate Vice President in the California State University system, the largest group of universities in the United States. He has enjoyed shepherding international students through the admissions process and ensuring their successful transition to college life at universities all across the United States and around the world, including Harvard, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Princeton, Northwestern University, University of California Berkeley, UCLA, University of Michigan, London School of Economics, as well as many other public and private elite universities.

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  • Shawna

    Senior Education Counselor, UCLA MBA


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Service Timeline

9th /10th Grade: Target Planning

  1. Encourage the student to have dreams and make goals;
  2. Implement plan of study, improve the student’s resume, encourage the student to challenge himself or herself, give course selection advice based on the ultimate goals of the student’s undergraduate education;
  3. Help the student to become his or her best self;
  4. Explore high quality extracurricular activities, and make plans for the student to participate in these activities;
  5. Plan for summer programs as early as possible;
  6. Do research for university entrance exam strategies.

11th Grade: University Investigation

  1. Investigate and visit universities, and start to find the target universities;
  2. Arrange and manage extracurricular activities for the student;
  3. SAT/ ACT, TOEFL and other standardized tests.

12th Grade:Final Decision

  1. Take the student’s major selection and career goals, individual preferences and learning style, achievements at school and test scores, reference letters and records of extracurricular activities, and other comprehensive situations into consideration, downsize the number of target university to ten;
  2. Prepare for visiting universities and interviews;
  3. Help the student to give his or her very best during the entrance exam application process;
  4. Help to revise and polish the student’s personal statement and paper;
  5. Follow up on the student’s application status (which enables the student to stand out);
  6. Help the student to make final decisions.

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