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Daily Life Services

HiElites Daily Life Services is with you all the way overseas

HiElites Systematic One-stop Services Customers enjoys Free for the whole year! online consultant service, hotline service for free for the whole year.
Airport Pick-up and Drop-off

We offer pick-up and drop-off service between airport and your residence. (Customer does not need to pay any extra fee, except for the transportation fee.)

Service Promises
Accommodation Consulting

By calling our service hotline or contacting with us on-line, you can have us find or book a living place for you. We will put together a guide (including the address, rent, house type, floor plans, furniture and electric appliance attached, utility fee, internet fee, facilities provided by the community, public transportation routes to school, and map of nearby restaurants, supermarkets and shopping malls) to help you feel more settled.

Service Contents

The place we find will be near to campus and accessible by walking or taking public transportation. We will provide the address and settle the customer within 12 workdays, while within 6 workdays if Expedited Service (Expedited Service is subject to a little extra service fee) is required.

Service Promises
SIM Card Service

Our phone SIM Card uses stable high speed T-Mobile network. It provides multiple cost-effective plans, and especially includes plans designed for international students. Free international calls and texts to China and 30+ countries. Friends in China can contact you by calling 4006682880, then dial 1+your phone number. (In the event of that plans are subjected to change without notice, actual plans shall prevail.)

Service Contents

We shall provide a triple-sized (standard, Micro or Nano) SIM card to HiElites Systematic One-stop Services customers and prepay the first month bill, thus, customers are able to contact with their families and friends as soon as their flights landing. Customers enjoy free subscription (can be cancelled anytime) of valuable information and news messages, such as American local activities, job opportunities and commercial discount information. Priority bilingual customer services allowsHiElites Systematic One-stop Services customers to be served first.

Service Promises
Bank Service Guide

We provide guidance towards opening an account and personal banking services related procedures in local banks. We introduce different traits and financial services of different banks to our customers.

Service Contents
Customized Car-Buying Assistance Service

Call us, contact with us online or through mobile APP to submit application

  1. Car-Buying Assistant: If you have any questions in the process of choosing vehicle, finding vehicle, bargaining, buying vehicle insurance, handling transfer procedures or driving vehicle home, your private customer service assistant will along with you to answer them.
  2. Online Car-buying Channel: offers large variety of used vehicles, decreases car buying cost significantly, and provides real, transparent and detailed vehicle condition reports and purchase cost. We only charge for the service fee (A 30% discount on the service fee is applicable for HiElites Systematic One-stop Services customers.)
Service Contents

We are dedicated to serving our customers sincerely, to finding the vehicle they satisfied with. Car-buying assistants will introduce the vehicle, transfer and insurance related knowledge in detail. HiElites Systematic One-stop Services customer enjoys free consulting services and discount upon our online car-buying services.

Service Promises
Daily Life Service Assistant

We put together general problems that international students often meet to provide you a detailed local living manual and consultant service, such as, but not limited to, how to use public laundry machine and dryer, how to open account and pay utility fees, internet fees, how to use campus card, how to take public transportation and how to rent a vehicle.

Service Contents
Insurance Consultant
  1. We provide vehicle insurance consulting service, to introduce the tips and key items on buying vehicle insurance. Professional insurance broker analyzes and recommends insurance companies and cost-effective choices.
  2. We provide health and life insurance consulting services, to introduce tips and key items on buying different kinds of insurances. Professional insurance broker analyzes and recommends insurance companies and cost-effective choices.
Service Contents

We are dedicated to serving our customers sincerely, to helping them buy the insurance they are satisfied with.

Service Promises
Pressure Alleviating Service

We are there when customers are under a lot of stress and pressure. HiElites Systematic One-stop Services . You are welcome to call our hotline when some unexpected events happen and you do not know what to do, when something is bothering you, when you are struggling in life stress, or when you are in a relationship crisis.

Service Contents

We encourage our customers to use appropriate methods (call the police, take legal action, get therapy, etc.) to solve problems in time. We help customer to know about American customs and laws, help them to adapt to local community life and to learn how to protect themselves. We listen attentively to our customer’s troubles, and help them to find a solution. We protect our customer’s privacy, but contact their parents if necessary.

Service Promises
Whenever there is an emergency, or your life or property is under threat, please call 911 first.

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