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HiElites Systematic One-stop Education Services

HiElites Systematic One-stop Services is a unique existence in the industry. It covers the plan for studying overseas , improvement of background, counseling for high school, undergraduate and graduate school application, daily life service while abroad, career planning, career coaching and innovation entrepreneurship education and a series of scientific and systematic one-stop services programs.

HiElites selects the most fitted and promising school and major for students, according to their advantages and interests. They show the student’s potential and enhance the student’s competitiveness through step-by-step coaching and continuous support. Our guidance not only give students an edge on the starting line and lets them stand out during the application stage, but also keeps them in a dominant position when studying abroad and finding jobs, so they can realize their dreams and achieve their personal career objectives. By helping students focus on studying and career development, HiElites Daily Life Services ease parents’ worries and is at the student’s side to solve problems in daily life with love and patience.

Education Counseling Services

Education Counseling

Senior director of admission, interviewer at several America’s top universities, senior American education counselor team, and bilingual international mentor team tailor personalized education guidance plan for student, which enable them to navigate for student while enhancing student’s competiveness and realizing student’s value of life .
Career Coaching Services

Career Coaching

Our mentor and counselors come from business, technology, engineering, journalism, media, design, fashion, public management and many other majors. They guide students to have a clear career direction, analyze student’s development space, help student to put career plan into practice, and assist student to get internships and jobs and realize career goals through career coaching and internal referrals.
Daily Life Services

Daily Life Services

HiElites devote ourselves to providing more convenient, efficient and economical electives to students. Our service products aim to cover as many international students’ needs as possible. HiElites customer service assistants are here waiting for you 24 hours a day with patience and love. We perform daily life services for our student as from a caring family. HiElites opens up a perfect life overseas for you!

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